Depreciation treatment of Q3

Q 3.

Syarikat findWHERE reported in its financial statement as at 31 December, 2020 the below asset depreciation values.

Asset Cost (RM) Accumulated Depreciation (RM)
Computers 18,000 6,000
Company Van 50,000 25,000
Furniture 35,000 10,000

In order to expand its business operations, findWHERE bought the below assets in 2021.

Asset Cost (RM) Mode Date of purchase
New Computers 8,000 Cheque 15 April, 2021
Company Motorbike 20,000 Cheque 28 May, 2021
New Furniture Equipment 6,000 Cash 01 Jun, 2021

findWHERE's policy on depreciation stated that full depreciation is calculated in the year of purchase by the end of the financial year. Straight line method is adopted and the depreciation rates are: Computers 20% a year, Vehicles 15% a year and Furniture 10% a year.

Show the following at 31st Dec 2021:

(a) The Computers account

(b) The Vehicle account

(c) The Furniture account

(d) The accumulated depreciation for Computers

(e) The accumulated depreciation for Vehicle

(f) The accumulated depreciation for Furniture

(g) Income Statement of findWHERE (as extracted)

(20 marks)

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