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Subscription for 1 year unlimited access to Part 1 Q&A (D01 Acc is incomplete) is RM600.

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Subscription for 1 year as "Senior" in Part 2 Q&A is RM800. "Senior" membership is designed for those who are taking FULL Part 1 examination and while waiting for results. During the waiting, some are moving on to prepare for the law subjects in Part 2 (namely, EAL, LRP & EAP). If you are a NEW candidate, and never exposed to any subjects in both Part 1&2, the FULL PART 1&2 UNLIMITED is RM1,400. This means it will include the remaining subjects of Land Economics, Valuation and BT2. This is Part 1&2 Subscription membership and there will be waiver of annual renewal fee.

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Part 1 & 2

As above, the Part 1&2 subscription for 1 year unlimited access is RM1,400 (RM600+RM800).This is ideal for those who are to complete the whole Diploma in Estate Agency, and determined to pursue a career in Real Estate Agency Practice in Malaysia.

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An attempt to be REAL! (modified from original article published on 19.Oct.2013).

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If you are Property Investor, Enthusiasts, Buyers, Traders or Negotiators I hope you will find this blog useful as well!

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By 100% self-study, in the Part 2 Examination I passed 6/6!! See my results here.

*I have to make a point about how I study for this examination. It took me 4 years to do this examination by research and self-study without relying on any college material. You might not believe me, but it was really my aspiration to take this examination entirely based on my own research effort. And, I am very proud to say I did it!!!

About how I did it, you can read under "The Way" & "What you get here".

Having walked this journey, I can share my experiences with you. If you are interested to study together, do sign up for this self-study mode.

Now, with this SELF STUDY MODE online there should be better access to prepare for this Board Examination.

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