TPC PEA registration/submission

Many have asked me about the process of registration of PEA and submission for preparation of TPC. Below is the process I have personally gone through.

Step 1 - Graduation

When you have passed all the examinations, you are qualified under S.22E to be registered as Probationary Estate Agent (PEA).

However, there are requirements as per S.22E VAEP Act, 1981:

  • a) Age of 21 or more;
  • b) not undischarged bankrupt;
  • c) satisfies S.22D (which is the examination)
  • d) made declaration in appropriate forms (below are the forms)
  • e) paid fees (below are fees)
  • f) submitted to Board such documents

There are some graduates who cannot embark on this process due to personal matters (current employment, economic reasons, family commitments).

Therefore, the process of going further from graduation is halted to a future date. In this context, there is no restriction for the candidate to come back for registration as long as the requirement above is fulfilled. However, future changes might impair the candidate - which is subject to future development of the profession and law governing it.

Some professional bodies require that in such scenario to re-learn with some subject papers (in a formal examination or CPD (continual professional development) before renewal of status for registration.

Step 2 - Application for position as PEA

See below the required materials for submission to Board for registration as PEA.

Form B1 (in line with Rule 17) - the necessary form to submit for PEA registration

What Rule 17 says in Rules 1986 is as below:

17(1) Every person desirous of being registered as a valuer, estate agent, probationary valuer or probationary estate agent under the Act shall apply to the Registrar in either Form A (valuer), Form B (estate agent), Form A1 (probationary valuer) or Form B1 (probationary estate agent) in the Second Schedule.*

*As before amendment 2017. After amendment with the addition of Property Manager, this rule has expanded.

Step 3 - Registration for TPC (Some exceptions see below Step 3.1)

TCP (EA) 1/96 - the necessary form to submit for initial registration for TPC

The Rules and Guidelines to the Test of Professional Competence for the Estate Agency Practice (2nd Ed 1st Sep, 2007) has a set of forms to be submitted to the Board for the purpose of preparation of TPC and the re-assessment (in case unsuccessful during TPC).

Among the forms are below:

  • TPC (EA) 1/96 - registration for TPC.
  • TPC (EA) 2/96 - exemption (for people who never needed to do TPC)**
  • TPC (EA) 3/96 - change of employment/engagement
  • TPC (EA) 4/96 - submitting for TPC (diary, work experience & tasks)
  • TPC (EA) 5/96 - reassessment of TPC (repeat interview)

Step 3.1 - Exceptions

** Some exceptional cases like PEA had passed similar test which it considers as equivalent or of higher standard, and such exemption shall be subject to a processing fee payable to the Board (Fifth Schedule) under Rules 45(3). Some PEA who had long years of work under an agency (10 years) would still need to go for the final part (oral examination) only without the need to submit the tasks (this is upon case by case approval by the Board under subpart 4.00 Exemption of the Rules and Guidelines 2007).

4.02 Candidates who have under gone post qualifying practical experience for a period of not less than 10 years under the supervision of a registered estate agent are exempted from submission of work diary, and Practical Tasks subject to payment of processing fee as prescribed under Fifth Schedule. They are required to submit Form TPC EA 2/96 and to attend a Professional Interview.

Step 3.2 - Fee for payment: when submitting to become PEA

  • Form B1 = RM100
  • Form TPC (EA) 1/96 = RM50

Actually, if you refer to 3rd Schedule (extract below), there is a processing fee (item 1. Processing fee (rule 17) for registration as PEA which is RM50. May be due to the reason that TPC (EA) 1/96 is part of this process (TPC registration), this fee is group under one.

The summary is provided by the Board as below:

Please be aware that there is one more process which is needed:

  • Engagement letter or employment letter (Contract for Service or Contract of Service) during application as PEA.

So... now you are registered as PEA - you do your work diary and get certified by your REA to be submitted for marking:

Step 4 - Work Diary

For a PEA who qualified from the Diploma Route (Dip Estate Agency BOVAEP) or other colleges, including INSPEN, 2 years diary work need to be submitted. Diary Book can get from Board at price of RM10 per book (buy 2 books at one time to save poslaju cost).

1st year work diary - submit after 12 months of work diary within 30 days after completion. This is specified under Rules and Guidelines sub part 5.02 (g) below:

(g) The Diary must be sent to the Board every twelve months for those who have passed the Board's Estate Agent written examination and every six months for graduate valuers for endorsement. The completed Work Diary must be submitted not later than thirty (30) days after every 6th months or 12th months as the case may be. The Board may impose penalties on late submissions.

For the 2nd year Work Diary, it should be submitted separately as Work Diary immediately within 30 days after 12 months of the 2nd year.

Step 5 - Submitting for TPC Tasks and Professional Interview

When the 2nd year work diary is returned and in good order, the Board will invite the candidate to submit the Tasks and prepare for the TPC Interview.

Form TPC (EA) 4/96 as below:

Therefore, you might just wait for 2nd year Work Diary to be marked and returned to you. After that, send the TPC (EA) 4/96 form together with the marked Work Diary and the required Work Experience as well as the Tasks, in a fresh submission.

Although it is supposed to be submitted one (1) month ahead of the interview as mentioned in Rules and Guidelines 2007 as sub-part 8.03 below indicating such procedure:

8.03 The submission of the above must be made either in person or by post through recorded delivery or ordinary post with a certificate of posting at least one month before the date of interview.

Remember! The requirement inside Form TPC (EA) 4/96 includes Proof of Work which is - EA form (if under employment) or Borang B (if under Contract for Service) to be included for submission together with the fee.

Step 5.1 - Fee payable for Actual TPC

Pay a fee of RM200 for the WHOLE TPC (TASK & ORAL EXAM) when submitting the TPC (EA) 4/96 form together with the required copies of the below:

  • Work Experience (x 2)
  • Task 1 (x 4)
  • Task 2 (x 4)

Bring along your Work Diary just in case they want to verify the case in Task 1 Estate Agency Process with the particular Sale and Purchase Case you have recorded in your Work Diary.

You will be notify of the outcome of the TPC on the spot (Tasks requiring changes). If you need to amend and resubmit, Form TPC (EA) 5/96 below is required to be submitted with payment as indicated below.

Step 6 - In case of Reassessment

Retaking the TPC Interview:

Reassessment from failing the Tasks - which is most of the case as the candidate will be asked about the Tasks first. Fee to be paid another RM200 for the whole TPC.

Reassessment from failing the Professional Interview or Oral Exam (4 sub-parts), the fee is RM100. This is rare as the candidate had already completed the Tasks (which is more difficult) but failed the Professional Interview.

Reassessment from failing the Tasks but having passed Professional Interview. This is such case where the candidate DID NOT pass the tasks but allowed to proceed to the Professional Interview and passed the Professional Interview. This category is to pay RM100.

See below the fees:

Step 6 - Outcome and subsequent formation of Firm

The passing of TPC will complete the whole process of training as a Probationary Estate Agent and the candidate will be notified of the successful outcome by Board in writing.

The successful candidate then applies to be registered as "Registered Estate Agent" under Fourth Schedule Part III of the VAEP Act, 1981 with a registration number (e.g. E-9876). The fee for application for registration is in Rule 17 as per above, which is RM150 together with a processing fee of RM50.

Thereafter, a registered estate agent can proceed to apply for Authority to Practise - ATP (Fee RM200 + Processing Fee RM75).

When an ATP is issued, the firm is formed with a number for e.g. E(3)9876 for soleproprietorship.