Why pay?


Why a Paid Membership Site?


As you know, hosting a website in WordPress.Org means subscribing to a hosting server, and purchasing a Domain Name. This costs money as I have to pay for the recurring annual subscription for domain name and the hosting server as well as making it a secured site (with SSL/TLS as you can see the padlock next to URL).

You may have the impression that online education should be free.

On this, I must clarify.

Oh... by the way, university education is never free - that is a fact. However, many things have gone online, including Education especially amplified by the COVID-19 pandemics. Online education should be cheaper and more affordable with less resource like physical space, time of lecturers and logistics. Still, nothing is without COST, even online education has COST elements. Let me explain.

All the work put in had been a steep learning curve for me. Doing the Blogger (now WordPress site) had never been easy. The typing and inserting of images/diagrams (esp for Building Technology) required tedious time and effort. About half of the postings were created from predicting likely questions to come out (Spot-Question) or on difficult topics and in-depth discussions.

Cost aside, the connectivity to internet and getting the resource published in full had never been easy. In fact, there is no single online resource in Malaysia that has all that information to study for this exam - ALL in one website! You are looking at a cumulated work of over 5 years (since 2014).

In order to sustain the website and keep on perfecting it year in year out, I need to cover the time and expenses of running this website.

I am NOT charging for the material, I am CHARGING for the work I have done in gathering them and arranging them into a interlinked repository - in ONE PLACE!!!

You can drop me an email or WhatsApp any time for any query or consultation.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Sim Yan Sun

1st Feb, 2018
(Updated 14 May, 2020)