Title Types and Conditions TPC – Law Q4


Why landed is better than strata? Perpetuity vs Lease, which is better?


Simple answer is Scarcity vs in Abundance. Live forever or limited lifespan? Nothing comes without price tag.

Sure, scarcity is better than in abundance. That means gold is better than stone. Live forever is always a dream of the powerful emperor. That is needless to say, it's everyone’s dream. However, how much more is more? 1,000 years or 1mio years? It seems that is no more imaginable because by 100 years, most of us will not be around. You probably feel out of place, anyway!

That is very relative. If you were given a choice to choose your wife. Would you choose one who is pretty and wealthy without love? Very much your own choice. Thus, if you were to weigh the pro and cons without emotion, then it is quite easy to decide. However, we are human of emotions and love. Therefore, it is very individualized.

Paying a price of RM1.5mio to get a semi-D at 60 years lease compared to a Strata property with perpetuity title at half the price. Which is better? In real life this is just a perception. If you have the money, and you just love the semi-D, well you do not need to compare. It is like marrying a wife with love. You know you love her, and there is no price tag to it!

Only that not everyone has the luxury of richness without boundaries. Thus, people make comparisons. This man is wealthy, but not so handsome and does not seem to love me. The other man is more handsome but he is poor, and I know he loves me a lot. Which is better? Complicated, right?