Communication in offer and acceptance Q1


A promise is not binding, unless it is sealed. State the 4 main elements of a contract. 8 marks

Ali engaged you to sell his house. After its viewing by Sufian - a prospect, Ali told you to do your negotiation to close the deal. He offered to sell his house to Sufian by WhatsApp Message to you at RM950,000. Upon receipt of Ali’s message, you immediately called Sufian. To your disappointment, Sufian turned down the offer. A few days later, you told another prospect who previously viewed Ali’s house the same offer, and this prospect Junaidah accepted the offer by replying to your WhatsApp Message immediately. On the same evening, before you could speak to Ali, he telephoned you informing that his house is no longer for sale and that he wished to revoke the offer.

Do you have a sale with Junaidah? State your argument on this position. 8 marks

What if you managed to call Ali before he called you? 4 marks.

(M2022-1 Q1, 20 marks)

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