Tax resident status & stamp duty calculation on tenancy agreement Q7


With reference to the Income Tax Act 1967 (as amended),

(a) How to determine a foreigner who is commuting between China and Malaysia for business as a Malaysian Tax Resident? (7 marks)

(b) John has the below rental rates for a bungalow house. 

Year 1 = RM2,300 per month rental

Year 2 = RM2,400 per month rental

Year 3 = RM2,600 per month rental

Calculate the stamp duty payable for the tenancy agreement of the above bungalow. (10 marks)

(c) A friend recently rented a commercial shop for his start-up business. It was RM2,500 per month rental and the tenancy period was three (3) years. He was asked to pay stamp duty by the agent. Help your friend to calculate the amount payable. (8 marks)

(25 marks)

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