Plinth area and plot ratio calculation Q5


Give the explanation of below terms in Town and Country Planning Act, 1976.

  1. Plinth Area 5 marks
  2. Plot Ratio 5 marks

Assuming that the plinth area is 60% and plot ratio of 1:4, calculate the development charge payable for the below project.

Johan Construction proposed to construct a housing project consisting of 10 storeys condominium on a plot of land measuring 1 acres (43,560 square feet).

The approved allowable floor space is 18,000 square feet per floor. Exceeding such an allowable limit would attract RM150 charge per square foot.

Each unit of the condo is proposed to be 1,200 square feet, where the common area will take up 800 square feet per unit. The building plan is 12 units per floor and a total of 120 units of luxury condominium. Total car parking bays in the proposal is 1 car parking for each unit of condominium and another 30 visitor parking.


(a) Development charge payable for this project. 10 marks

(b) Assuming that the development would require car parking of 2 units per house, what is the penalty for this project if the planning unit levies RM500 for each car park? 5 marks

(M2022-1 Q5, 25 marks)

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