Premium calculation change of category of use Q6


John owns 2 properties - land, in Malaysia. He plans to develop the land as follows:

  1. Lot 888 has a title in perpetuity with an agricultural category of land use and a total land area of 20 acres. This lot will be developed into a housing scheme comprising 240 units of single storey terrace houses and 20 units of double storey shop houses.
  2. Lot 999 has a leasehold title with a remaining tenure of 20 years. The category of land use is building for commercial use and the total land area is 55,000 square feet. This lot is to be developed with a retail block and office. Encik Ali will apply for a new lease of 99 years.

With reference to any State Land Rules:

a) Calculate the development charge payable for the above lots. (10 marks)

b) Explain the procedure involved for these cases. (15 marks)

(M2022-1 Q6, 25 marks)

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